Saturday, 25 February 2012

Twinkle and toes

Firstly, I have yet another car - Twinkle this time, a sort of pretty blue colour and another Peugeot but somewhat newer than the last one.  It appears to be alright and Carl calls it a convertible as it has a sunshine roof.  I think I am going to experience one or two issues with it as it has a security code you put in before it will start. 

We caught up on alpaca toenails today and gave everyone their wormer.  Their behaviour whilst this was happening varied from the spitters to the cryers to the good as gold ones.  Islay, despite generally being very hard work, was extremely good.  We always cut her nails while her feet stay on the ground and she is much more comfortable with that, it is the leg lifting she hates.  Here is Emily, not too convinced she is pregnant as she tried to mount everything around her as soon as we had finished feet!

Bianca, one of Sam's alpacas, was also one of the very well behaved ones - despite Sam's cuddling and constantly grinning at her!
Now I am sure you would like one of Bert or Lina having their feet done - both a pair of madams - but no one remembered to take a photo!

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