Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stuck to the ground

Flippin freezing here and I am having Mule problems.  Yesterday, I kid you not, my Mule was welded to the ground.  I left the hand brake off the night before to stop that freezing up but didn't give a thought to the tyres freezing.  First there was mud and then when that froze the Mule was stuck.  I had to carry water and hay round by foot and was revving and rolling the Mule spasmodically in the hope that I could unstick it before I had to get to the top of second for the sheep.  Eventually, with the aid of my spiked fence post we finally succeeded.  I have to be a little careful with the fence post as the day before I had been pounding at the water drinkers to defrost them and the spike went right through the bottom of one.

Today things got even more dire as the Poo Picker froze to the ground and this I could not free - despite carefully ramming it up the back with the Mule.  I think the tyres are frozen to the body as well (via a layer of mud).

Our neighbour has just told us snow is forecast so I am not looking forward to the journey tomorrow!

Ahh!  And house number 2 looks highly unlikely despite an evening playing with helicopters!

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear! It's very cold here too but as we have no mule or poo-picker, we haven't had your problems! However, along with my hands...the poo does freeze but then it's easier to clear like that!