Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ken gets a top

Still frozen on the hill this morning.  Everywhere else was defrosting nicely but we still had snow.  Alpacas and sheep in the distance!

After we had done the animals Carl had an assignation with two young Forest nymphs.  He went to collect the Truckman top for Ken The Truck - they kindly carried it round for him (possibly fitted it as well) and then they returned to their painstaking poo collection, hay clearing, paddock maintenance. . . .

Meanwhile I did some poo collection with Sam who got back from work early.  This was good as he can actually reverse the Poo Picker into awkward corners. 

Once all the work was done Carl returned having sorted out his hands free kit, set up his climate control, turned what was a deer on the side of the truck into what he calls an alpaca - looks more like a deer with out any antlers to me.  Here is the truck before top was added.

And. . a small puzzle this morning - who are Di and Mick and why do they carry cuttings of snippets from the blog?!!!

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