Monday, 20 February 2012

Driving with an annoying Yeti

I have had some very useful tips on fleece shots so, once I have tried them out, I shall publish the results and Debbie can judge from the results if the tips are a thing to share with the world!

We have had a busy and fairly unproductive time here.  Saturday we had to go over somewhere near Bath to look at new Kubota tyres for Sam.  The entire journey Carl and Sam were annoyingly hysterical as they had changed the sat nav back to Yeti voice.  This is completely useless as it just snorts randomly, laughs spasmodically and makes strange Yeti noises.  The tyres were no good.

Carl went somewhere to collect lots of tin for which he says he definitely has a use - we will see. 

The Truck is very good at pulling things and is comfortable but Carl has managed to break the aerial - quite dramatically as it shot out the hole and unwound lots of wire at speed.

My car is due an MOT which means I am now looking for another one as the list of things needing doing to it is far too long.  It also uses a lot of petrol which is not good.

Body scoring at the weekend was exciting with Little Star.  She was Bert's first baby here and so was a bottle fed girl and has always been fairly good about everything - slightly temperamental at times but easy to handle.  She has now changed and turned into a mini Bert - stamping, spitting and finally sitting down and moaning.  This is actually quite good as it is exactly how Bert is when pregnant and you want to do anything to her.  I had thought Little Star might not be pregnant but I am changing my mind.


  1. Sometimes stroppy girls are good aren't they!

    Looking forward to the photo's.

  2. Now you are teasing us...we want to see the results...and get the tips. The first tip must be don't live in the North West of England; where a dry enough fleece is a rarity!