Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A visit from two big birds

I had rather a shock when I went out in the garden this morning - -

The cats also had rather a shock and dashed off to hide in Amber's basket for the rest of the day!

Sam had the day off work - his first full day since Christmas - so I let him stay in bed but he was still up by 8am and we had a very productive day poo collecting (there was rather a lot), moving his sheep and trying to sort out the bottom track which had such amazing ruts in it that even the Mule was beginning  to bottom out.  Thanks to the Wellground roller it is now much better.


  1. We have peacocks and they're just starting to make their "love calls" so you wont be needing your alarm clock soon! They're great to have around and the alpacas love them too! Our male often puts on a display for them...until one of the crias gets a little too close for comfort! Enjoy them!

    The more you write about Sam...the more I want a Sam!! Does he fancy a holiday in France this Summer??!

  2. I once got offered some peacocks(and hens) for free, and came home very excited...Paul was not...we do not have any!

  3. Hi Rosemary,

    Great to see the old stone roller still going, hope it's making an improvement for you.


  4. I fancy a pair of peacocks but I've been told they are very noisy, were these two?!

    I have lots of Sam type jobs too if he fancies a trip up north....