Friday, 17 February 2012

I'm no David Bailey!

Today's challenge was photos of the 'Show Team' - and all did not go well!  Weather was fine, batteries charged, fields gleaming and poo less - should have been a piece of cake.  First up, Yossarian who would not put his head up unless he was pooing - so the face shot is where he is relieving himself!
Trying for a whole alpaca shot was hopeless as he refused to put his head up and look forward.
Mind you, that was better than String, Trouble and Slink  who turned their backs to me.

Maybe head shots would do, I thought, but that just reveals how dirty their beard's are (I don't think Bea can see a lot either!).
And as for fleece shots!  I took hundreds, a mammoth feat on your own as I had to hold them round the neck (normally I hold them at the head) and part the fleece with one hand whilst operating the camera with the other - except for Trouble who stood there but I still only managed to get one from her neck which was not all blurred and that is rubbish.
So - I would be very grateful for any tips on how on earth you get a good fleece shot - and no clever comments like "You need a good fleece in the first place!"

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  1. I'll await the tips with interest because mine are always rubbish too!