Saturday, 28 July 2012

Monster Boy!

We have had another little one!  Carolyn gave birth this morning whilst we were in Dorchester getting Carl's eye tested (he is soon to be the unwilling wearer of a pair of glasses - not all the time as he keeps telling me).  A little boy - well, a very hefty boy actually and charging round the field when we got back at 10am - Carolyn had shown no signs when  we left at 8am.  He hasn't got a name yet but I am toying with Travelling Man (due to a bit of commotion on the hill this morning concerning a couple of buses, a newly cut field, a few urgent phone calls and a bit of gate locking!).  Sam was at work this morning so missed everything but arrived back in time to go shearing with Carl in the afternoon - a lovely pair of boys (the alpacas, not Carl and Sam).

Carolyn's cria is the one on the left!  I am about to go and weigh him!  The little one walking to the right is Lina's cria who now has a name - Lady Tulisa and she is tiny at just 5kg.  That is the smallest we have ever had.  Carolyn's baby looks pink but it is just staining!
Lina's little one is lovely but Lina has reverted to being horrible ever since we weighed Tulisa!
Tropical Storm is doing fine apart from his eyes which have been plagued by flies to such an extend that part of the eyelid is red and sore.  Lavender oil has had some effect but not brilliant.
I put a little eye cream in it yesterday and this has helped - today there were less flies anyway so hopefully it will heal.  He has also been very lively today - although no one is as lively as Carolyn's baby who was even munching on a dock leaf!

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  1. If l'd had a pound, every time l said Ah! when reading this Blog, and looking at the lovely photos.......I'd be very...very rich....! :).