Monday, 2 July 2012


Can it really be July?!

I was talking to another breeder yesterday about sending their fibre samples to AAFT and I opened up the AAFT website to send her the link.  As I did so I explored the site and found some really interesting stuff on skirting the fleece, curvature (amongst others) under the library tab - worth a look if you have spare minutes.

I have finally got all the alpacas sheared - but today has been horrible and it is not nice to see them shivering.  Trevor is fine and has been jumping around annoying everyone but Bianca, one of Sam's, has plonked herself firmly at the bak of the field shelter and is not coming out for anyone!  Last fleece sampls are sent off, no babies have arrived - but I am sure I saw something move in Prue so all is not lost.  No photos due to weather!

Sunday saw some visitors who watched some of the shearing, said hello to Trouble and went away with a bag of seconds to make a handbag.  I shall be very interested to see how that turns out as I have not really found a use for my seconds - - yet!

Tonight's challenge is to try to find something to create from a roll of white alpaca felt which has been lurking in the cupboard for two years!

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