Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Name Game

Lily's baby has been feeling the cold a bit today and has kept his coat on.  I am a little concerned about him as he is not that lively and just sits there when you go up to him.
Hopefully, it is just the dire weather we are having.  Trevor does not help by trying to jump on him whenever he moves but, then again, Trevor tries to jump on anything that moves!

Flem's baby is doing well.  H did have his coat back on this afternoon but was having quite a lot of fun charging around before that.
Now the only one left in the birthing window this week is Prue who is still a real is she isn't she despite everyone who sees her saying "Yes, she is!"
. . . now I have to do some serious name thinking as the two little ones do not have names yet!  Current favourites (of mine - Sam and Carl are not impressed) are The Mechanic, Fresh Kid, Flo Rida and Malcolm.

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  1. Umm best not comment on others choices of name...but do Sam and Carl have any ideas!!!

    Lily's babe is such a lovely colour and suits his green coat a treat!