Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Okay - I know I said I would not blog until I had happy news (no sad news today either!) but I have to say thank you for the emails and comments - much appreciated.  And I need to apologise for being pathetic over it and forgetting that we all have troubles at times.  Great sympathy to any of you who are having any sort of problems.

It seems that the white eyes are a sign the cria had died in the womb, as is the falling out fleece and it suggests he was dead for two or three days.  Also, I have been told, when the cria does die they usually need a hand out.  Now I am sure my alpaca readers are all familiar with getting up to their elbow in alpaca but this is the first time I have gone in so deep and it is very odd.  I have only had three slightly difficult births and they have only involved tinkering around on the periphery with the odd leg.  Alpacas are very, very different from sheep in my opinion - it felt a bit like the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  You just go down and down and down - the neck never seems to end and all the while I am inching past what felt like silk curtains (or in this case fur coats as I came out looking as if I was in need of a serious shave).  It might be just Cassie but there was enough room, once you were in, to have a small tea party!

Anyway, today the rain has lashed down so I was glad of no further births.  Actually, I was very glad as I collapsed on the barn floor writhing in agony.  Very strange!  I had been checking the sheep when I came over all peculiar - lying in the Mule did not help so I went and lay on the floor of the barn which I had, luckily, just cleared up.  The chickens took full advantage and tried pecking me which gave me a worrying vision of me dying there and Carl coming down to find my eyes pecked out which made me push my glasses very firmly down my nose.  Suddenly, I was better but it did come on again later in the afternoon - by then I was home which was more appropriate.   If I had expired in the barn I don't know how they would have got me back up in track which is very muddy.  I suppose they would have had to get me in the tractor bucket but the hydraulics on that do gradually lower of their own accord so I would have probably been unceremoniously dumped somewhere.   Okay now, despite a slight twinge and Carl and Sam have gone to check the animals so I am going to bed.  If I have not replied to any emails I will tomorrow!


  1. Horrible that you've picked up a bug, but great to see that you've bounced back! Onwards and upwards eh...maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and you'll be there to watch more lovely babies enter the alpaca world!

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better today on the animal front and hopefully you will tomorrow on the bug front!