Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Haymaking - The end - until the next lot!

This morning started with more greasing! 

The bale sled this time - wonderful thing this as you put it behind the baler and it drops the bales in groups of 8 (well, that is the theory but you do get 5/6/1/3 at odd times).  If  we had a Bale Grab it would be even better!  Sam then did a final woofle - if you over woofle it starts to break up and you get bitty hay (technical term that).  Then after more sniffing, smelling, touching we rowed up (gates closed on the woofler) and prepared ourselves for baling!  Sam popped to Stur in the morning to get diesel and bailer twine (not all twine is the same so you have to ask for Conventional Bailer twine for ours - and NEVER forget to tie a new reel in before you run out or rethreading is a miniature nightmare!).
So -  bailer on, bale sledge on, bale.  Collect bales.   Stack in barn - simple!


There were the occasional broken bales to extract.

We do not have a bale grab so all picking up was manual and involved me and the Mule
And Sam with the trailer
As I got the first Mule load I felt something tickling my leg to see Angelina, the sheep, behind me and 50 further sheep who had escaped and were cavorting amongst the newly rowed up hay!
My fault I had forgotten to put the string back round their gate.  Luckily they found it great fun to chase the Mule back into their field!

Then Trevor had a stick incident which at least allowed me to have a break whilst removing his stick.
Yossarian  found all this activity very interesting - and spent virtually the whole evening watching.
Now Mother has come up trumps with a bottle of Badedas bubble bath so that is where I m going!


  1. Now even I am envious of all that hay equipment, don't tell Paul. I'm usually manual collection too and have to say I am very impressed with your stacking and shoving abilities!!

  2. Great job getting the hay in.... looks lovely and its a great feeling when you are done and dusted ! Im just about to start with the task !.....Jayne