Saturday, 21 July 2012

Supplying Champions

We seem to have been rather busy over the last few days and I have just managed to snatch a few minutes now to write a blog while Carl and Sam are off shearing and before I go back to check the girls.

Carl has been sorting the hay we have left as thoughts are turning to haymaking - finally.  We are now suppliers to a rather dashing supreme champion - I believe the horse is also rather a good champion.

Dude has performed over two of our girls and been out visiting a very charming young lady who, despite being a maiden, sat immediately.  He is also getting far better on his lead and managed to cross a manicured lawn, pass a horse and negotiate several people without dragging Carl around on his behind which is what we had envisaged!

No more cria yet so a few photos of the ones we have!  Only three!  First up is Flem's baby who is tentatively named Arctic Lad (Al for short).  Trouble is it sounds like a name for a racehorse to me.  He is very lovely and beautifully white but is being pestered by flies at the moment.

Then we have  Lily's baby who is gorgeous - still a bit sleepy but probably just because he is premature I think.  Flies are even worse on him, particularly around his eyes.  I couldn't get a very good photo of him as when he is asleep he looks like a rag bag and when he does get up he runs around too quickly for the camera to cope.  Here he is eating the fence.  Carl wants to call him Boy Wonder which I think is completely daft.
And then there is Trevor! 


  1. Try a drop of lavender oil to keep the flies away, it worked a treat for one of ours a couple of years ago.

  2. The flies are an absolute nightmare this year!