Wednesday, 4 July 2012

No wellie eating yet!

It is pointless me telling you how wet it is because I am sure you all know that for yourselves!  Only now has the sun peeped out and it is a lovely evening.  Sam is busily fencing, Carl is on alpaca watch and I am stuck hoovering!  I have got a new hoover so I am not that worried - tasty little number that actually works on cat hair and has the sort of name you need to be wearing aviators to use - I am growing to love my Mach 8!

The girls have not enjoyed the last few days and I have been relieved not to have any babies.

So here are some soggy girls!
Not a lot damps young Trev's spirits!
Still waiting for Prue - I think I saw something move yesterday but Cassie looks more likely as the next.  Cassie has started looking very uncomfortable and humming a lot.  Having said that it is probably weeks away!


  1. It must be the time for new hoovers, I've got one that picks up cat hair too - result!

  2. They may look damp Rosemary but ours seem to relish the mud as well!!