Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A little girl! Plus a bit of haymaking!

Lina gave birth to a lovely little girl this morning.  There is always a slight sense of trepidation when you approach Lina after she gives birth as she does tend to become a spitting, screeching monster.  I approached cautiously but Lina just stood there and looked at me.  No fuss as I sorted the little one - Lina even deigned to have a little neck rub! 
The baby is gorgeous but I think could have done to have remained inside a little longer.  An hour and she still was not on her feet so, given Lina's track record, the cria had a tube of plasma and an hour after that, still not up, a bottle of colostrum.  Finally it started attempting to get up and Lina, bless her, let me hold it up to her and get it feeding.  It is still very wobbly and lies lat out when I don't push it up to kush but I think it will be okay.  I am keeping a close eye though to check Lina has enough milk.
Here she is
Despite cria, hay making goes on!  Stage 3 began yesterday with woofling (turning/fluffing up . . ).  Basically chucking it around so the underneath dries using a Haybob, acrobat or whatever else is to hand.  Remembering to open the gates at the back first (if you have a haybob - maybe the same with the others - or you end up by rowing it up instead which is stage 4!).  Woofling is accompanied by many anxious skyward glances.  Today is our second woofle and all is looking good so far.  Tomorrow is final woofle in the morning followed by rowing up after lunch (woofle but with the gates at the back pushed in) and then the big one - baling!  More on that tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Isn't she just adorable!

    Good luck with the baling you are ahead of us in Cumbria...raining here

  2. She looks gorgeous and so pristine! Hope she's soon up and running round the field with everyone else!

  3. She looks lovely, and as for hay ours still hasn't been cut let alone flicky flicked!

  4. Beautiful baby...she looks like a little Seahorse !...hope she is soon thriving for you ....Jayne