Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tense Times

A fit of madness came over us at lunchtime today and we decided to cut the side of second field for hay.  The real haymaking is third field but, the weather being so good, we decided an experimental run was in order to check everything was operational.  The mower had a bit of a fit going up the hill on the first pass and clogged up but a bit of swearing and a spanner seemed to fix that - so now we start weather watching obsessively!  Tonight Sam has gone up to set up the woofler while we get the barn sorted to receive!

I got distracted from the hay making by Prue who was lying on her side panting and gaping at the back with her tail out.  I had almost crossed her of the pregnancy watch list as she is now 367 days but I shall give it a bit longer now!  All cria are doing well and I am off to find some lavender oil to try on Lily's baby following Debbie's recommendation.  I did experiment with a wee dab of Yardley Lavender this morning which did actually seem to work but I don't want to put Lily off him (not that it is likely as she barely moves a step away from him at the moment).  Bert's cracked skin is looking a bit sore at the moment.  Where there are dry, flaky bits the flies attack it, she scratches and it gets sore.  I have returned to using Battle Summer Fly Cream which works but makes her look radioactive.  I don't mind that so much but one year both she and Sherbert got some in their eyes and that was not good.  Bert has been so hot today I even managed to do a bit of her tummy whilst she was asleep - usually I can only get to her legs.  I now need to find something for her eyelids which are dry and flaky.  I think I might go back to Sudacream.


  1. I'm hoping Paul doesn't read your blog tonight (not much chance at the minute as he's already gone to bed, exhausted!), now he has his shelving he's moved onto 'neding' hay making equipment now - he's driving me mad.

  2. Thats going to make at least 2 of us keeping our fingers crossed for enought fine weather to get in the hay!

  3. Reading your haymaking with great interest Rosemary, I NEED some equipment and lessons please!