Monday, 16 July 2012


Waiting for ages and then all of a sudden - two births today!  Dreadful weather for it but we coped.  First thing Flemenco looked a bit restless so I parked the Mule up near her and settled to watch.  At 9am out slithered a lovely little boy.  He was a touch  early at 326 days but weighed a decent 9kg and after he was rubbed a bit, sprayed and oral antibioticed he was up and attempting to feed - not very well though as Flem's cria from last year, String, charged over and started suckling herself.  Normally I would not have interfered so quickly but I didn't want her stealing all the colostrum and Flem is always quite happy with me fiddling around under her with a cria so I got him latched on before banishing String and her friends to the next paddock.  At this point the rain was getting bad so I got Flem and some of the others into the barn but as I was doing this I noticed Lily having a bit of an ominous roll.  Once the Flem baby and others were in the barn I rushed over to see Lily who had taken herself off into the field shelter where she was obviously going to produce.  I nipped back to the barn to check Flem's cria, only to found he had disappeared.  Somehow he had got out through a barrier and was investigating Sam's tool box.  I returned him to mum and then went back to check Lily - finding she had already produced a beautiful little suri boy.  Back out came the birth bag to deal with him!  He has the most amazing deep hum and sounds like a little old man!  Lily's baby is 8kg and 323 days so early as well.  He is showing it a bit as he can only kush on the flat
So, here they are - Firstly, Flem's baby who I only seem to have head shots of and not very good ones as the weather was horrid.
And then Lily's baby who looks tiny compared to anyone else!  He is modelling a rather sporty dog coat!
So - what about Prue?!  She is the one who should have produced!


  1. Sounds like you have been kept on your toes today, but I'm glad you have two happy healthy cria and Trevor has someone to play with.

  2. Congratulations and despite the early births, pretty good weights!

  3. Two healthy big boys...fantastic...and what fun after all the waiting!

  4. Congratulations Rosemary! Now take a glass of wine into the field and sit and enjoy them!