Thursday, 28 June 2012

Trev gets a spring in his step!

Very muggy weather this morning and I am glad to say the wind has now picked up a little and the girls look a lot cooler.

I have to agree Trevor is not a particularly appropriate name for an alpaca but I was in a bit of a mood when I named him!  It kind of goes with the  trend here, however, as my Champion suri is called Alf!  Trev is unbothered by his name and was full of the joys of spring (or summer) today.

Now all focus is on Prue who should be producing sometime soon.  I have kept a little quiet about her as I have someone very interested in seeing what she produces and, due to her behaviour, I had serious doubts about her being pregnant.  She is very lively and even pronks despite being 13 years old this year.  Last week, when Yosarian was still in with the girls, she happily sat for him to jump on top of her and orgle away like a crazy thing.  Not pregnant behaviour - but look at her!


  1. That is definitely not an 'is she isn't she'!

  2. If she hasn't got a cria in there I'll eat my wellies!