Saturday, 23 June 2012

PM results

Finally, we have the results for the post mortem on the little black one - and it was not Schmallenberg.  Samples of the brain tissue went to the VLA as, apparently, that is the only way they can tell, and it all came back clear.  It was just one of those things and she was formed wrong in the back legs.  Nothing we could do about it and nothing we have done wrong - thank goodness.  Now I can start to look forward to the next cria again.  I had been dreading more coming in case there was another problem but we are now back on track!

No more coming yet though but Crispie's cria (still no name) is very big and lively.  Crispie and her daughter from last year, The Slink, stick very close to him.

Greeves is fascinated by him particularly when he charges about
I have been home alone as Carl and Sam have been shearing - in Pembrokshire!  Quite a long way and a lovely part of the world but they had great fun (and a great lunch) meeting ex members of a Mighty Herd in Wiltshire.  When I say I have been alone that is not strictly true as The Shepherd came to shear the sheep so I was assisting (getting in the way more like!).


  1. Good news Rosemary...time to give little crisp a name I think!

  2. Glad to hear the PM results showed nothing. Stuff just happens sometimes.
    I hope the boys behaved themselves during the shearing!

  3. Very pleased to hear the PM showed nothing. It is certainly a worrying experience!