Friday, 15 June 2012


Firstly, I want to say a very big thank you for your comments and emails.  Sad times happen but it helps if you know people understand and the time people have taken to comment is very much appreciated by us all.

So - yesterday evening I collected Little One from the field - the girls did not want her to go which was not helped by her wonky legs getting entangled in the stock fencing as I climbed through causing her to be catapulted back into the field hitting Sapphire on the nose.  She jumped back onto Bert and the ensuing spitting match allowed me to escape up in the field in the Mule with cria bouncing on my lap in an oddly comforting way.  The vet is sending samples to VLA who say there are no reported cases of  Schmallenberg in alpacas in this country but he was very keen to have a look.  I said to the vet that I had no problem with lambing but of course, I now realise, this means nothing due to the gestation  period of the alpaca.  Sheep gestation being much shorted the foetus in the sheep would have been at the vulnerable stage after the midges were gone.  Results should be back next week.

Today I was dreading going to the fields as the weather had been foul in the night and I only made it to bed at 3am as I was listening to the wind and an inane television programme involving girls shouting at each other in far too few clothes to be good for them.  All, however, was fine - no cria thankfully as I was not ready for that today.  Next due is Crispie, the suri, followed by Prue.  Oh, and Emily, but I am not too sure about her.

I have sorted out the camera lens with a good rub with a bit of pledge so I should be able to blog with photo tomorrow - and hopefully a happy one!

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  1. Sorry to read of your news, but appreciative that you found the strength to share it with the alpaca community, as we all learn a little from each other, wishing you better times ahead. Dave.