Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sleepy ladies and boy (almost) in tears

Still not a cria in sight and not really much sign of anything appearing in the immediate future!  However, today the liveliness has been punctuated by less lively moments - so there is hope (apart from the fact that they are large and blossoming at the rear)

The quality of the pictures leaves a little to be desired as I spilt apple juice on the camera and I feel it may need a bit of a service!  The car also needs something as what was a distant wop, wop, wop Vietnam noise has now developed into a drumming which cannot be cured by turning the radio up.  Carl has donned his blue gloves and taken it down the road for an investigation at this very moment.

But the great news today is that Sam took his driving test this morning - and passed!  He was so pleased we were both nearly crying (well, I was and he was trying not to).  Sadly, his new vehicle can't get in for an MOT until next Friday so the moped will still have to come out tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Sam! Now when mum fancies a drink on a night out...(maybe to celebrate the birth of the first cria of 2012!)'ll be able to drive her home!

    Rosemary...our girls look just like yours, big tummies, lolling around in the field but ours still have their fleeces so we cant even see little feet etc moving! When will they release those long awaited little packages for us to see?! Which of us will be first to have a cria in the field??!

  2. Well done Sam!

    There are some rather swell looking ladies there Rosemary, they can't hang on much longer surely, how many days gestation are they all?