Saturday, 9 June 2012


Thank you for your concern regarding my back passage, Mark.  It took a bit of a beating but now the wind has subsided all is well, if a little battered!

Mother's waterworks are also now sorted which is a great relief and all is now calm!

BUT I still have no cria!
No one even looks like they would like to produce a cria!
They are big - there is a big udder showing on Crispie - but they are far too lively!
Never have I known pregnant alpacas dash around so much.  I have just left Crispie dashing around with her cria from last year, Prue pronking along the fence line and Zara perky and erect!
I can only put it down to the fact that they were sheared and they are feeling cool - most odd!

Carl and Sam have been shearing all day and have just returned having had a brilliant day - Sam is now sending furious emails full of sad faces as his strimmer has not yet arrived.  The shaft arrived several days ago but is of little use without the motor bit.  Carl is  lying on the settee watching motorbikes and I am determined to go and finish a rather tasteful glove.

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