Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Busy, Busy . .

Yesterday evening there was no time to blog as we were rushing around getting ready to go out, a very rare occurrence.  Before we went Carl had to weld up part of Sam's truck which failed it's MOT - they are taking it down there at the moment and hopefully it will now pass.  I had to get my hair done in honour of the occasion as well as all the normal jobs but we made it and had a lovely meal with Reddingvale despite the presence of arm bandages!

Today Sam and I did the sheep feet which little Shovel took great advantage of, sneaking in for a drink from Grace.
Baby (still no name as no one will let me call him Pitbull - despite the rather tasteful addition of McCoy, Pitbull McCoy sounds good to me) has a fond aunt in Bert who is as proud of him as if he were hers.  The rather large one in the background is Sam's Bianca.

Baby was 10.5 kg at birth and is a very strong little chap.  The sun we are having is helping but the forecast for tonight is not good.  The chickens were enjoying the weather today.
Now it is a question of who is next and if the ones who are supposed to be pregnant really are.  Cassie certainly is.
But Emily is an increasingly doubtful one.

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