Monday, 4 June 2012

The Men Who Stare At Goats

Everyone else seems to have cria popping out all over the place - but not me and I am getting a trifle impatient with Zara.

Today Carl had a new shearing experience - amongst the alpacas he had two Angora goats to shear.  Here we have before . . .

And after . . .
I think he was quite taken with them - incidentally, they are not the same goat in the pictures as one has horns and one didn't!  They were very well behaved but shearing involves a great deal of care round their wrinkly, flappy bits - particularly on the neck and they were not stretched like alpacas - similar, but not the same, as sheep shearing with great care also taken round their toggles (not sure if that is the correct terminology for those hanging bits under their chins).


  1. You need to have a word with Zara, we've had another cria today!!

  2. There is definitely a look of trepidation there...glad to hear it didn't become horness during shearing...might there be some Angora goats on your shopping list?