Friday, 22 June 2012

A bit of a scare

Well, we had a pretty scary night last night.  I had a phone call from Sam yesterday evening asking if he could speak to his Dad - never a good sign!  Carl was outside so I asked what he wanted and he said he had broken down on his moped so could Dad go and get him.  Pouring with rain so Carl shot off and when they returned with bike in the back of the pick up I got the whole story.  Going down the country lane from work the back wheel had collapsed - even Carl had not heard of that before - and I mean the spokes had all caved in.  It was a new wheel he had bought from the internet only shortly before and luckily Sam was only going about 10mph around a bend when it happened.  He went into a hedge but no harm done - thank goodness he was not on the main road or going faster.

Luckily, the truck went through the MOT and I had just got the tax for him so he went happily to work in his truck this morning - I feel his biking days are over for now!

No alpaca or field pictures tonight as every time I got the camera out the rain lashed down.  Most odd weather as some of the time it has been sunny.  I have a friend who is awaiting pictures of Prue as I can't make out if she is pregnant due to some very strange behaviours - despite her looking triangular!  Just to enliven things slightly I have a picture of some random bird who alighted on a post by the Mule.  You can see the sort of weather we have been having - but there has been sun as well.

The post mortem results on the little one are now back but the receptionist will not tell me what they are so I have to wait for  vet to ring back - still waiting!

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