Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Say hello to Trevor!

I fear I am in trouble yet again. I have been very diligent with my poo collecting but not so good at emptying the thing.  On Friday I succeeded in splitting the pipe yet again and I was doing really well up until then.  I had to rush to get the sheep ready for shearing and forgot all about emptying it - actually I think it is some days since I emptied it. Yesterday, while Cal was fencing with renewed vigour I went to empty it and streams of smoke issued forth - not just steam but smoke!  The poo had almost ignited.  Some of it was charred and some was glowing red.  I really am not joking here - my poo was on fire!  .  Normally I make poo logs and burn them but have not done so for a few months as we currently have no wood burner but it just shows how readily combustible poo is.  I have tried to do a photo of the burning poo but it doesn't look as dramatic as it did in real life.

This morning we had a visitor to see the alpacas and Sam demonstrating a bit of alpaca husbandry - Trouble behaved beautifully.  More alpaca chat this afternoon as I had a long conversation with a prospective 'new' suri breeder!

Crispie's cria now has a name.  It was getting desperate as he needed to be registered.  No one went for Pitbull McCoy strangely, Springsteen was considered but, ultimately, he is now Trevor.  Trevor refused to take part properly in a photo shoot so he only has himself to blame for these photos!

Now my beret pattern actually works I am knocking out berets like there is no tomorrow (Flower Lady is also on the case) - we are off to with the knitting to a show in about a month and I am a little depleted so I have not been moaning about the rain as much as I was!  Hopefully my new batch of yarn will come back from The Border Mill fairly soon as I have no balls left and am knitting with unravelled 'mistakes'.  I do have some trial suri and silk but have hit a major problem with it.  I am still a fairly novice knitter so am not sure why this is but the suri seems to have no 'spring' to it.  It drapes beautifully and has a lustre like the animals but the rib is not ribby enough and the whole thing is just not quite right.  Maybe I need a different size needle or maybe it is no good for hats.  I will have to keep experimenting.

Sorry about any spelling mistakes - spell check has given up!


  1. Paul wants to know where you get your replacement pipe from. He is good at breaking the machine the very few times he uses it and the pipes are so expensive!

    1. Hi Debbie

      To tell the truth I am forever running mine over and it has been going with several splits for a good while!
      We get our replacement from Paul Helps
      Rachael in the office is very helpful.

  2. "Hello Trevor!" Mmmm? Rosemary, I think you should prepare a list of names before your next crias arrive! Should "Trevor" become a prize winning stude he may wish you'd given him a name to reflect his status but then maybe I'm just remembering the Trevors I've known!!!