Monday, 18 June 2012

Completely NORMAL!!

Today we had a cria!  A normal, lovely, wonderful cria!  It's a little boy and has perfectly normal legs!  I was in such a panic waiting for it and couldn't wait to check all was well - and it was!  He is from Crispie who is a suri but he doesn't look like a suri to me - I don't care what he is as long as he is healthy and he certainly looks it - big and strong - so here is a bit of a picture overload.

Now we have the big dilemma of a name.  I had this idea that this year they would be linked to music I had been listening to prior to births.  This is not a good plan as if I do that this one is to be named - Pitbull!!

Now I must rush round and tidy up before racing back to see him - well not racing as my car noise is now distinctly stranger despite Carl taking a bearing out of the old car and putting it in this one.  In fact it sounds like the Super Mario Cart causing Carl to shout "Get the bananas" at odd moments when driving it!

Ohh, a healthy cria - really exciting!


  1. Rosemary....WHAT are you doing listening to Pitbull....To loud and to violent...!
    Akon is a nice name....Great R&B singer tooooo!

    Nice to read good news....AND....Lovely photos...!

  2. Many Congratulations...he looks super and what lovely photos...breath out...enjoy!!

  3. What great news! He looks like a little cracker who...shouldn't really be called pitbull!

  4. Fantastic - enjoy him, he looks great and certainly not a Pitbull type of boy!

  5. Well done and congratulations!