Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Feeling passionate

We are not getting Angora goats, yet!

No shearing today as the weather has been horrid.  Many of the herds we do are small groups of pets whose owners do not have the facilities to put them in so we need to be very flexible on dates and today was not the day to be shearing outside!

I have no cria yet and, to be honest, nobody looks remotely like they want to produce anything - patience is a virtue!

My love affair with the AAFT continues and becomes more passionate the more I study my stats (which is becoming slightly creepy as I was perusing them in the bath last night) and I have just noticed there is to be an Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing (AAFT) Fibre Testing and Seminar on Tuesday 19th June  at Meon Valley Alpacas, presented by Paul Vallely, no less, the owner of AAFT.
I really want to go to this but a) may have left it too late to get a place and b) have three girls due then - dilemma!!

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