Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Seems a while since I last blogged but I think it's only a few days really.  I have been battling with flies which are attacking the cria eyes.  Poor little Storm was covered in them but the application of lavender oil has helped.  The flies had even eaten away at his eyelid so I had to resort to some eye ointment and they are finally starting to heal up.  Lina's baby - Lady Tulisa - is also having problems but not as bad.
They are even making their presence felt in my photos!  We have been getting on with matings and Harry (Black Arrow) has, very enthusiastically, had his first two attempts.  Sam was at home today so , a well as more matings, we managed to Crovect the sheep and do a bit of alpaca bonding! (Sam with Trouble in the photos).  Trouble is just gorgeous - like her Mum, Bert!
And Little Star who is also turning out to be just like Bert (her Mum also)!
No more hay making yet due to the weather but also the big tractor has gone back to Landrover Man as one of his tractors suffered a bit of an accident with the radiator and there was an urgent need to do some hauling.  Sam has also been very busy as he has been working extra for a contractor - which he loves!

Oh!  And Carolyn's cria now has a name - JJ Cale! JJ for short!  I am afraid I forgot to get a proper picture of him but he is the one lying down at the back.


  1. Nothing better than scratching an alpaca who loves it and leans in to get the full impact!

    We too have had horrible flies but ours visit when we're not looking and Namaste has a horrible bite on her face. It seems that certain animals are more vulnerable to bites, some never get anything! Those huge stripey horse flies terrify the herd when one appears so I think they must be pretty aggressive when they bite. If you find a solution...please let us all know what it is!

    Lovely photos!

  2. The herd is looking lovely Rosemary.

    looking on the bright side we are not getting any problems with flies this year...rain seems to be a good repellent. Unfortunately, we also dont have any apples or plums on the trees either, seems that the bees have kept away too!

  3. Where we used to live, we had to have some serious fly repellent as the flies were so bad they clustered thickly around crias eyes, effectively blinding them. Huge problems. We tried all the repellents we could find and ended up with Nettex Advanced formulae fly repellent liquid, Horse product: (on gloved hand and spread on). Its effective and strong, don’t use quantity on crias ears as it is too strong.