Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What a Jolly Day!

Today is going VERY badly - too bad for pictures.

I have lost two halters.
I have discovered someone - who still refuses to walk on a halter - does not have his microchip in - which I have just retrieved (whilst searching for the halters), still in it's packet from behind a caravan cushion, and inserted it in the twilight. (well, I hope I inserted it in his neck - not in the twilight!)
I am urgently needing a bale of straw which Sam is trawling for around the local farms as I type - if he comes back with a tonne bale there will be big trouble.
It has rained all day and the track is a slippery mud pit which the stock trailer now needs to slither up (and it was spotless).
Carl has bashed his finger with a big thing and it is black and throbbing.
Sam has no wellies.

I am off to cry in a cormer and I will enlighten my readers on what all this drivel is about another day!


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  1. Rosemary, I would suggest a glass of wine...everything will seem much better afterwards!