Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I am a dolphin

I will not mention the weather (bad - still not cut main hay!)

Promising start in the phone shop yesterday but all went rapidly downhill.  Carl bought me a new phone which gets the Internet and email on it - or at lest the box says it does - but it does not.  The Gentleman began well by asking if he could help.  As I had an orange phone and this was an orange phone shop I felt he probably could.  When I explained the problem he asked me if I was a dolphin, not a question I have ever been asked before, and, after further discussion, I felt I was more of a raccoon but a little finger tapping on phone led us to conclude that I was, in fact, a dolphin as he had suspected.  This was, apparently, a good thing but not good enough as it turned out.  I had to phone technical support myself and then return when this had been sorted for him to work his dubious magic on my email.  Having sat under the pylon in first field for most of the morning I now do appear to have Internet on the phone - email remains a closed book!

The cria are all doing well - despite Storm's eye problems with the flies and Lady Tulisa still being a midget.  I have been using the horse fly repellent which was recommended and that is helping.  Storm has also had some Camrosa round the fly bitten places on his eyelids and they are starting to heal - thank goodness.

Still four more cria to go - Belinda who is second from the right and enormous - and Bianca next to her who is both enormously pregnant and fat - should be next.

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  1. A Dolphin...elegant,tranquil and loyal...sounds right to me!

    Great photos!