Friday, 17 August 2012


Not really much to report today - certainly not on the cria front as there are no more - yet!  With the weather being as it is there has been little opportunity for photos.  The best I can manage is one of Yossarian trying to assist me with Poo collecting (and of course if I was better at projecting an image of alpaca perfection I would have first removed the poo which you,hopefully, will not be able to see, and made him stand up properly - ooh and not cut off his nose -before taking the photograph!). 

And Greeves looking Greeves like.  I have to  have a word with Carl about his topknot as he looks like he is wearing a mushroom!

We tried him out at mating last night but it was a disaster (Greeves that is, not Carl).  I thought it would be best if someone else was working next to him so Alf went in to do a spit off and then Harry did a mating anD we put Greeves in with Bea.  Alf took exception to this and almost cleared a six foot fence to get in with him while Greeves tried to get to his mum, Lina!  Meanwhile, Harry is alternating orgling and squawking when he thought Alf was getting too close for comfort.  Yossarian was prancing round like a maniac trying to catch Alf unawares which wound Alf up even more.  A complete shambles!  We gave up and decided to wait for a calmer moment.  One good thing though, once the chaos was calmed as Harry was still going like a good one, we gave him his cydectin injection and trimmed his topknot - didn't even break his stride!

I have a little problem with eartags at the moment.  A month or so ago I had one which got caught and ripped the ear a bit and now Lily has caught hers and developed a crusty scab with puss under it.  I am having to pick the scab off each day or two, bathe it and spray it.  It is improving and I am glad I have long nails at the moment as they are very handy for picking but I shall have to look at different ear tag types and see if there is anything better.  I use the button ones at the moment.

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