Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting my entries ready!

Well, thank you Country Chicken and Anonymous Andy!  We have movement - albeit jerky and crab like!  We are not at a stage where we can be seen in public but there is progress so it will be more of the same tonight and maybe we will be okay.

A few pictures and then I have to go and complete an important task.  I have just realised that the closing date for the Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece and Fibre Show is fast approaching and I have not done an entry yet.  Due to other things going on at the beginning of the year we were not able to remain on the organising committee but we will still be going and are looking forward to it.  It is a great show - particularly if you can get there and listen to the judge.  I have not got a lot of fleece left that hasn't been processed so I am not hoping for a winner this year but I do want some fleece in so I can get all nervous and feel my blood pressure hitting the roof!


First photo is an introduction to Westhill Dippy - still stained with blood and with the most enormous umbilical cord which has already been dipped and sprayed several times!
Tulisa remains tiny (although I have to say she doesn't look too bad in this photo) and keeps losing weight and then putting bits on - I am only weighing every three days as it gets very disappointing.
Storm's eyes are gradually improving from the fly problem and I now have some wipes which I am using on them.
Finally, a quick one of the sheep who are desperate to escape back to the top of the hill where they are not allowed at the moment due to the hay making.

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  1. Yes you really MUST get your entry into the GWR show Rosemary!!