Friday, 24 August 2012

Carry On Haymaking!

We have had a bit of a time of it with our second lot of haymaking.  We only cut three quarter of the 10 acre field as the weather looked dodgy and we would at least have a little left to cut if it all went wrong.  We have succeeded but it was very touch and go - despite rain around, the field remained dry but the grass  was so thick and the ground underneath was damp so it took a lot of woofling.  On the final day the woofler had a blow out so we were woofling on one wheel.  Luckily Sam was there to woofle and row up but the bailer then struggled and had to bale at a walking pace or it sheared bolts at a tremendous rate..  By the time we had got 500 bales in it was dark and getting dangerous as the stack was touching the barn roof so the rest had to stay  on the field until the morning.  Carl and Sam were at work so it was down to me and the Mule to pick up 300 bales - not an easy task as the Mule can only carry 7 at a time without dying.  The tractor and trailer were loaded up and parked in the barn ready for unloading but there was no way I could throw them on to the top of the mountainous stack so it was down to Mule and I - after the 30th trip I had had enough but luckily Carl arrived home from work and we got the trailer unloaded and went up to get the rest with the tractor - which jackknifed and skidded down the hill with a full bale trailer on the back!  Regardless of health and safety I was sitting on the wheel arch which was actually quite a good thing as I prevented a bale slide with my back (which now aches).  Carl skilfully managed to avoid all fences and righted the tractor so ultimately no harm done!  Sam then arrived and we manhandled all bales with the help of an elevator made from a ladder.  So that is done!
And, in the middle of haymaking chaos,  one of Sam's two alpacas gave birth.  Bianca has had a very lovely little girl.  Her she is today - rather damp as it is now raining.

Whilst Sam was woofling I popped to the shop for a haymaking picnic which I had just bought when I had a text from Sam,  "Quick, get back Mum, Bianca is having her baby!!" Despite Bianca being very fat she had her cria very easily and quickly - it was out by the time I arrived.  She does not have a name yet but looks very splendid.  Whilst Mule carting the hay I was pondering cria fleece and have come to the conclusion that we have two types.  One type is what I call the Kevin Keegan (tight greasy perm) and the other is the Marilyn Monroe (wavy concertina - longer and silkier).  I may or may not bore you by pontificate further on this one!


  1. AND....What's wrong with a 'tight greasy perm'.
    Mark of a good Sicilian...HeHe! :).
    AND...As for Marilyn Monroe....Well! Let's leave it at that....mmmmmM!

    AND...By all means Rosemary...Please bore us, or pontificate further.(Is that summat to do with the Pope)....! :)

    AND...A lovely photo too! As they ALL are...

  2. WOW, what a day but at least the hay is in now and safe for winter!

    Here at LGM we have mostly what I call "fine and fluffy" cria fleeces, don't see any tight greasy perms!

  3. What a day ...glad you all survived the haymaking experience...great news regarding Sams cria..she looks lovely ...Congratulations on a little girl !! Do you have any called Belle ! as she is so beautiful !.......and her mums name starts with a 'B'.....Jayne