Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nothing runs like a cria

Sorry - I have been  on the John Deere too much today!  The babies have kept us amused

 - whilst we completed a long list of tasks - checking Lily's ear (we had to cut the ear tag out in the end as, where it had pulled, there was a quite nasty infection brewing up), pressure washing the stock trailer (slightly Heath Robinson affair but it works).

Then the lambs were weaned and everyone moved to fresh pasture.  The alpacas also had a move round after a bit of body scoring and foot trimming.

Carl cleaned up and wrapped up the bailer while Sam got to know his cria - still not named.

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  1. Interestingly at the welfare meeting ear tags were disscussed (it looks like we will all have to have them on the alpaca rather than in the drawer!)and everyone else there said that they have never had problems with ear tags getting caught and torn ears. We only have tags in alpacas we have purchased but have had a number caught in wire! fencing!