Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Scary Toilet Problem

I have to blog fast as I am afraid I might be overcome with sewage at any moment.  The downstairs toilet has developed a serious problem.  When you flush it fills to almost the brim and then slowly dribbles away - I fear we have a major blockage!  Carl looked down the inspection hole last night and, after a bit of plunging with a mighty plunger, said it was okay - but it is not!   I am  going in with a stick and a pair of Marigolds, maybe some time so will leave you with a few cria photos.
First up is Trevor who is growing very nicely.
Next comes Arctic Lad, having a stretch.

Then Bianca's cria who is Sam's first homebred alpaca.  JJ is lying down behind and someone else is walking out of shot!
She is the most lively little thing, very fond of hay (like her mother) but tends to grab rather more than she can easily handle!
This is Tropical Storm whose eyes have finally cleared up but all the cream has left him a bit bald - it is growing back now.  A very pregnant Sapphire is behind him.
This is supposed to be of Dippy who is lying down at the side but Bianca's baby came and posed so I did her, again, instead!
Now I fear I hear a gurgle so I must don my gloves!


  1. Hope the marigolds suffice and the waders aren't required! Lovely cria photos!

  2. Hope all went well with the toilet issues and the giant plunger was not required ! Beautiful babies and lovely photos ....Jayne