Friday, 7 September 2012

Hey, Micky, You're so fine . . .

Very exciting - Sam's other part of his herd has produced a cria!  Sapphire gave birth to a lovely, strong little boy yesterday morning.  A little help was required just to give it a gentle easing out - because she sat on it's head before it had emerged properly.  Poor little thing was grumbling away to itself inside it's bag!  So here he is (he should have been called Mike but Sam's texting dyslexia caused it to come over as Mick and that has stuck!).
Lady Tulisa has finally put on a little weight but she still looks very small and vulnerable and has an odd Marmoset type face!

Everyone else is doing well - here are Unnamed (Sam has an ultimatum - must have a name by Saturday), JJ, Arctic and Trevor.
Lambs are also doing well - half of them are now bucket trained (essential without a dog!) and a handful are VERY friendly!


  1. Gosh Rosemary....!
    ".....You blow my mind...Hey Micky.....Your so fine...Hey Micky"
    Tony Basil....1982..(Still got the single).
    She used to wear 'Raa-Raa' skirts...Lovely...! :).

    And, Lady Tulisa's look'in Good....

  2. Oh ..... Congratulations on that lovely new baby ! Lady Tulisa looks so delicate and very cute ...the lambs look lovely too and so do you !! ....Jayne

  3. Yes, you got me singing along too!!Lovely looking cria...I think Lady Tulisa looks especially sweet.