Thursday, 4 August 2011

Yellow Perils

Sadly, we now have a field of bright yellow spotted cria!  I had been rather worried about Be Cool's navel which still looked red and swollen - and very long, it did not seem to have shrivelled up as they normally do.  In my wisdom I decided dipping it in iodine again would be a good plan.  This I did but she is a strong little thing and kicked at the wrong moment - spilling the entire contents of a bowl, flicking it upwards along the way.  Her entire underside, back legs and beard are now yellow!  Trouble, The Slink and String then had a roll in the puddle - hence yellow cria!  This is a cropped picture to avoid the embarrassment of yellow legged alpacas.  I was worried Belinda might think she smelt differently but all was fine in that area!

This should have told me that I was not having a good day but I ploughed on regardless and attempted my spit offs.  Islay sat - for about the fifth time but sat on her side and Dude only seemed to get into the wrong hole.  No amount of shoving, pushing, pulling and fiddling would get him into the right place and in the end he gave up in disgust - Islay sat there loving it!  I think we'll try again next week.

Sam was off bale carting or unloading trailers or something so I then gave up and read a book for a while - seemed the best thing in the circumstances!  Sam has rejected several possible names for his new 'herd'.  He was very keen on Sam's Alpacas until he realised this would mean he would end up with Sam's Bert, Sam's Belinda, Sam's Little Fighter  . . . so his current favourite is Sundown Alpacas (but his Gran has told him that makes them sound like they are all on their last legs) or Cool Alpacas.  He is going to continue thinking over the weekend!


  1. Hows about...Sunrise Alpacas then..!! or Ice Cool Alpacas...!! Better luck next time on the romantic liasion !!....glad you had a good book to take your mind off things :0)......Jayne

  2. Hi Sam due to your altitude how about Summit Alpacas?