Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cria photos

A busy day of knitting today and another pair of gloves almost complete!  Not sure I am that pleased with the patten I made up though - I prefer them a bit more lacy really.

I managed to get a few photos of the babies in between times.  String (Pretty Cool) discovered thistles and did not like them very much!  Yossarian is getting difficult to photograph as he moves so quickly and then gets too close or too far away - he is at the front and you can only see his side!

Tilbo's leg is a bit wonky but does not slow him down at all, or prevent him from posing.
Lina's baby is still a bit of a concern and he looks tiny compared with all the rest but he is very alert and runs around with the others.

Finally, Striker (Strikingly Cool) Carolyn's baby who is gaining weight well and enjoys the company of Yossarian - not sure if that is a good thing or not!  He's the one looking at the camera.
Now tomorrow we have a slightly worrying day - I won't tell you what it is about until tomorrow - and the I may go completely quiet on that subject if the news is not good!!


  1. You can't tease me like that Rosemary!

    Brinley, Geena's baby still looks small in comparison to his friends, he is the youngest though so I suppose he should be the smallest.

  2. Lovely photos of the babies....I hope tomorrow goes better than point in worrying yet...coz it has not happened !.....and it might try to be positive and live in the moment !!!.....Im keeping my fingers matter what it is !.....Jayne

  3. Those cria look delightful...Josephine says please can we borrow one as she needs a playmate and the girls aren't listening to her pleas!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Great cria photos, its lovely to see them all growing up fast. I hope they worrying day isnt too worrying and you have good news.


  5. Lovely photos Rosemary...I am a day behind s the hope the news was good!