Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lina's Baby

Today has primarily consisted of telephone calls - so much for relaxing with the alpacas, Judi!

We were very surprised that one of those phone calls was from the Police - not asking questions but just checking we had got home safely and that we were alright - lovely, very kind.  The policeman was the one who had been first on the scene and he said he was amazed that we had walked away from that one - he had got the fire brigade cutting stuff out before he realised we were already out of the car.

Any way, that is it on blog reports of the accident - hard to stop thinking of it though!!

Well, in the middle of our disaster Lina had her baby!  Sam was feeding Trouble, he looked round and there he was!  He started feeding fairly quickly and Sam did his navel.  He didn't weigh him so that has to be done - Lina is a fairly feisty mum!  She panics if he moves a foot away from her and then starts grazing, realises she has moved away from him and charges around screeching trying to find him!  Cool Dude is the father and we were thinking this might be the best cria as Lina is a good female.  I am not sure though!  I have a feeling there may be a touch of fawn in his top knot - I will investigate further!  Sometimes I find it is hard to tell if it is faint until they are a bit older.

Whatever colour, he appears well - if a little wobbly still on his back legs.  This is the best picture though as he is feeding - something which was a struggle for Lina last year as she did not have enough milk.  I am not topping up yet!
Tilbo, the little monster, had his splint off today and I think we are mended - if a little wonky.

He never stops!

The others are doing well - here is String (Pretty Cool)  - Dude and Flemenco's baby.
And this is little Trouble, the bottle fed from Bert and Samson - whenever I get the camera out she puts her head down!

Now Yossarian a right little B. . . ..!  He is the fawn suri attempting to mount Belinda.  String is at the front and Be Cool at the side.
And, finally, Be Cool - Belinda and Dude's baby,  still a bit yellow!


  1. Lovely photo's Rosemary! Sheila told me about the accident....Glad you are all well despite the condition of the car!!

  2. Stunning looking cria from Lina, that young Cool Dude is a real star. Congratulations.

    Rob n Les

  3. Your cria look lovely and as for Tilbo he looks like trouble!

  4. We thought that Explorer was going to have some fawn in his top knot when he was first born...he is definitely brilliant white now...I have heard it called sun bloom that initial fawn that quickly fades out.

  5. All those cria look do as you're told and get out there with a glass of wine...they need watching especially that Tilbo!