Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A bit of a natter in the car park

Last night I ran out of blogging time as we had a meeting of the Great Western Region Fleece Show Committee.  We should have got back sooner but ended up lurking in  the car park with Andy and Viv from Reddingvale.  Carl and Andy discussed hay making tactics and compared their equipment whilst Viv and I talked alpacas.

Now please excuse this next bit – it’s a sort of plea and I don’t like doing this on the blog so forgive me!  We need more entries for the yarn part of the Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece Show.  I confess that I was really keen on this addition to the show and I envisaged lots of people wanting to have balls of yarn judged by Jean Field.  We have had some entries but we really need more - there is no entry fee - I really, really want it to be a success so if anyone else could enter, just for fun.  I am desperately trying to hand spin something to enter - not much chance of that coming off but I will persevere!  The web address is http://www.gwr-alpaca-show.co.uk and the yarn entry forms and rules can be found there.
Okay,  plea over!  Little Axle, Lina's baby has gained weight and is doing well.  Sometimes he takes a bit of bottle and sometimes not but as he has put on a kilogram in two days, I am not so worried about him!  This evening we had a visit from Irene and Si who we hadn't seen for ages.  Good to see them and hear all their exciting news.  They are doing very well with alpaca sales and knitwear - things are looking good in Devon!  In fact, Irene was talking so excitedly about plans and successes even little Yossarian got interested!


  1. Plea heeded. I will get some balls in the post.

  2. Pity we're in France or I'd let you have some!

    Great news about Axle...how happy would I be if our little Josephine would put on a kilo in 2 days?!

  3. Thank you, Thank you!!
    Now I am revitalised with the spinning and have dragged Sam back to the carder!

    Judi, send it from France - an international entry!

  4. I have it on the 'To Do List' !!......looks like there is going to be some competition !!......and a Westhill entry is obligatory !!........what ever Irene was talking about it must have been very interesting, judging by the look on Yossarian's face !!