Friday, 12 August 2011

NOT what I needed!

Just a quick photo less blog tonight I am afraid due to aching in just about every bone in my body - particularly my back and legs, so I feel a little ancient!

Feeding Trouble tonight and Lina dashed over.  I thought she had mislaid her baby again but then saw him behind her (He now has a name - Accidentally Cool or Axle for short).  He fussed around feeding and then started trying to feed from Trouble.  This made me feel my suspicion that he might not be getting enough milk could be true.  I stuck the rest of Trouble's bottle in his mouth (I always make up more than I know she usually takes) and he drank the lot with Lina watching and looking as if she were saying, "About time  - you did that for Greeves!"

I don't want to start bottle feeding if not necessary so I shall make up double for Trouble and do her first then top him up if he looks like he wants it. Weighing tomorrow so we will see how we go.

Greeves has also been weaned for the second time!  He was weaned from Mum months ago and has no interest in her despite being back in the same paddock as her.  Instead it is now Aunty Islay he is being weaned from!  He is distraught but I can't leave him in with the girls for much longer and he has started to pester Emily.  Poor Greeves!

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  1. Poor Greeves. Explorer was the same, the weaning from Lucie was much worse than when weaned from his mother.

    Hope you feeling fit again soon (or at least less ancient!)