Saturday, 13 August 2011

Packed Day - and another Baby!

It has been a fully packed day today - in fact it is now gone 9pm and I need my tea - so I will just tell you that we have had our last cria of the year!  Carolyn's baby, sired by Dude, a little boy - and I am really a little overexcited by him!  Give it a few weeks and I might be telling you differently but this one made me tingle, if you know what I mean!  Just a couple of photos tonight as I am really tired.
Not sure about his name yet!

Axle. Lina's baby looks tiny compared with everyone else - Carolyn's towers above him!  He had a bit of top up today but not a great deal and is very lively.  It is quite hard to get a decent picture of him.


  1. Well done, Rosemary.
    (Hope you're all enjoying the music.......)

  2. I can see from the photos why you are just a tad excited got them births packed in there from start to finish. That is the way to do it.

  3. That cria certainly does look just a bit special and how bright and white his fleece to watch !