Monday, 22 August 2011

Peter's Plums

Just had a very pleasant tea which was rounded off by a large helping of plums given to us by Peter at Ashton Lane - delicious!

We had visitors this afternoon, looking at the alpacas who behaved very well.  Selling animals is something I always find a challenge - I know I have to do it but worry about where the animals are going.  This is, I know, ridiculous as other people look after them as well, if not better, than I do but I can't help it!  This couple were lovely - the sort you just know would be ideal alpaca owners!

Much of the day has been spent knitting whilst alpaca gazing - very good for soothing tension, something I have a great deal of at the moment!  Now I am about to send Sam into the loft from where he may never emerge again, to sort out his old toys!  He has been working again today and, as usual, has had a great time.  It's the huge, expensive tractors he likes most!  He will be blogging soon about his 'herd' which has, incredibly, doubled in size already.


  1. Looking forward to the blog Sam...come on!

  2. Don't we just wish that we could keep them all?! I'm heartbroken everytime one of them "leaves home"'s that empty nest thing all over again!!

  3. Its always a struggle when faced with the prospect of seeing some of your "little treasures" being shipped off!!