Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Me again (Sam)

Hi everyone :)
It's been a long time since I have written a blog and becouse I have a new herd (still don't know a name for it) I thought I'd better tell everyone about it. I have two alpacas now and they are both female. The first member of my herd is Sapphire that I got from Warren Field Alpacas. She is a very lovely brown alpaca but unfortunatly isn't pregnent. she has a lovely temperament and  likes to be in charge.  I have tried mating her to Dylan but Mum says he is too young so we are going to try her with Dude today.  I might get a multi - I don't know!
My other alpaca is Bianca that we went and got yesterday from Redingvale Alpacas. She is a very calm alpaca and is starting to settle in now. She is also not pregnant but this maybe becouse of a SMALL weight problem so she has gone in a paddock with not too much grass to try and over come the problem. Bianca is solid white and will hopefully be mated to Cool Dude and we will have to wait and see what she produces.  I am going to try putting a halter on Bianca and taking her for walks round the paddock as she only moves around to get to new grass so I think she may need more excercise.
I will write another blog soon!!  This one has taken me ages as the spell check wouldn't work.


  1. Hi Sam...our spellcheck doesn't work either, never mind, we dont notice mistakes as it's your news we are interested in! Good luck with the matings and the resulting expansion of your herd from "Sam's Girls!" to something more grand!!

  2. Nice to be introduced to your herd Sam...good luck with your wonderful new venture....and look forward to more news soon !.........Jayne

  3. Congratulations Sam and good luck. We too have some rather porky maidens but they are spitting off so fingers crossed!