Thursday, 25 August 2011

Little Worry Day

Not big worry day - that is end of September - but little worry day as today was the day Sam got his GCSE results.  We were not hoping for great things as, although he tries, he struggles with reading and writing due to his dyslexia.  He did as well as we hoped and is pleased.  He got Cs for Science and maths, passed his ICT and got his diploma for the two day a week agriculture course he has been doing at Kingston Maurward.  A D in English but they have sent the paper for remarking a he only missed the C by  mark - if he gets that he will have done very well indeed!

So - that drama over - he is up in one of the the lofts sorting out the mess of old toys he appears to have created over the years which we knew nothing about!

Alpacas are doing fine apart form Lina's baby - Accidently Cool or Axle to his friends - he is still 9kg at 2 and a half weeks - he was 8kg at birth.  Top up bottles are not going to well as he is spitting it out now after a promising start last week.  At least Lina is being a little angel this year and makes no fuss over feeding or weighing.


  1. Well done Sam! Come on Axle...take those bottles, they'll help you to grow up into a big boy and then you'll be the winner in those neck-wrestling challenges with all you playmates!!

  2. Great achievement, Sam - well done!

  3. Well done Sam!

    As for he bottle feeding, just keep trying. Brinley is hit and miss, he drinks it if he's hungry and won't if he's not. He's up to 9.64kg now at just over 3 weeks, 2.16kg gain since birth.

  4. Great news...for Sam and his exam you are all glad those results are here ! Hope that Axle continues to get the hang of those bottles.....Jayne

  5. Well done Sam...a C in maths comes as no surprise...I can see a sound business head there already!