Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farmers' Leg

Has everyone else felt as hot as I have today?!
The alpacas certainly have.  Bert had a bucket of water tipped over her and then looked at me longingly until I emptied another over her.  Cassie prefers being squirted, Belinda likes a little trickle!  At this rate we shall be running out of water.
I am very thankful that I now have the Mule back and have been zooming around in that today, I needed to get a bit tidier as we had a visit from Reddingvale who came with a visitor for Cassie.  Top Brass was gorgeous and got straight down to things with a very willing Cassie and a posse of a admirers.
Tilbo is standing next to Mum and is using his leg well now - another couple of weeks and hopefully it will be fixed.  Carl was late home from work and missed it all but I did tell him Andy was planning a second lot of bailing in August and that got his competitive streak going!  He had Sam and I up in third with him to bale all the stray bits we left - 47 bales we got!!  I blame it all on Andy as I now have farmers' leg again (I was wearing my shorts and the bales prick your legs leaving a red rash all over them!).


  1. Sorry to hear you have farmers leg !! great that you have your hay in....and nice barriers !! keeping the riff-raff out ! ....Jayne

  2. Cassie looks well pleased with her chosen date!

    You are collecting up hay bales like I am collecting up fleeces...except my few more was another 120!

  3. In answer to your first question, a massive YES!!!!!! My fancy dress outfit which I must wear for the day job is not conducive to it being sunny and hot!!! Black plastic shirt (well its nylon or something) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the farmers leg and glad that Tilbo is getting about ok.