Sunday, 14 August 2011

A New Car

The day started with a trip to Poole where I collected my new car.  We decided that the work needed on the other one would be too much so it has retired to the field for a rest!  The new one is silver and it has air conditioning - which works!  Carl is so amazed by this that we have been driving everywhere with air con on, shivering!  It is very clean and shiny and the radio/CD also works.  I was too scared to drive it back through Poole, which is a very busy place with many right hand bends, but the owner kindly drove it to the outskirts for me.

No sooner had we returned than the Bunny Murderer arrived to collect the Leyland - why on earth he wanted that I cannot make out - last time he drove it there was a diesel leak and, I believe, a breakdown.  I can only think he became attached to it after spending all day driving it around in circles.

The cria spent ages running around this afternoon and I tried to capture their excitement but I seem to get them blurred.  I think I may have to become adventurous with the camera settings.  This is The Slink, Tilbo and Yossarian.  Yossarian continues to be a bit of a pest.  He knows Trouble is getting milk from the bottle and has started trying to get in on the act!  Axle, Lina's baby, is very good with his top up - I just hold the bottle out and sometimes he has some, sometimes he does not (Lina takes no notice of it at all, thank goodness!).

We have just returned from a trip to The Shepherd's - interestingly the runner beans he grows come from the seeds my Grandad first bought.  Happily he was wearing a pair of boots - the other day he had taken them off only to have one stolen and buried by the dogs!


  1. I am sure the bunny had already departed this world prior to my intervention, I love my Leyland, I love my Leyland, I love my Leyland.........

  2. Another car !.....isnt that 2 in less than a week !.....glad you have a much more comfortable set of wheels.....from one extreme to hot to constant air conditioning !......the babies are looking very happy indeed.......its great to see them chasing eachother round the field !......Jayne

  3. Air con, radio and CD!! Whatever next? Great to see the youngsters running around isn't it?