Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Curry Incident

Sam wanted chicken burger, Carl wanted kebab and I wanted a curry.  Last night we were so behind with everything we opted for takeaway for tea.  I ordered a curry and just got what we normally have even though it was only for me, thinking I would save half for the next day.  It was very nice and somehow I ate the lot which resulted in a serious pain last night accompanied by odd noises and continued until this morning when Carl banished me to the caravan for a time.

A bit of a lie down with the knitting and I recovered enough to start on today's tasks.  Carl and I did a mating (alpaca mating obviously), trimmed every one's toenails, weighed babies and had another go at Sherbert's skin.  Sherbet is suffering a bit at the moment as she keeps getting sores on her back which crack open and then are pestered by flies.  The same thing happened to her last year and they eventually cleared up.  I have a suspicion that it is a touch of nasty sunburn after shearing and I really need to catch it earlier.  She is a suri, not a youngster but not particularly ancient and the problem recurs each year.  It is made worse as she scratches at it with her teeth and makes it bleed which attracts the flies.

Sorry about the lack of photos tonight but we had torrential rain this morning and when it cleared I had no camera with me.  This afternoon was too hot - too hot for knitting but I had to plough relentlessly on as I have the grand sum of two scarves and three hats here and have an appointment on Friday to take some knitwear to a shop who may like a few items to sell.  It is going to be a pretty meagre collection at this rate.

We were managing without Sam as he was having a rare day out with his friends - where he had a great time!

Looks like tomorrow will be busy as well as Sam has sold all his lambs and they are being collecting (we sold ours last night - except Stumpy's lamb who I refuse to part with despite the Shepherd thinking I am soft in the head!).  We also have to take Dude out on a mating - still not good on the halter, he is just too keen to get at the girls) and we are out in the evening on a special trip - more on that next blog!

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