Saturday, 26 April 2014

Next job - Build an ark!

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is very wet.  Sadly this means I can no longer put off tidying the house - luckily I have run out of washing up liquid so it will be all a little bit of a half hearted clean up!
Tyke is soaked . . .
Wonky is soaked. . .
I could go on . . .

As I type I am looking at the barn opposite the house and watching the pair of swallows, I presume it is a pair - they are pretty similar to my untutored eye - going in and out a hole in the door.  They are lovely to see.

We finally finished back house paddock and the girls have all moved in there.  They were very excited and there was a great deal of jumping around and dashingto and fro.  There are still a couple of loose fence posts by the Grave Digger's and one corner that needs a bit of attention but they are safe for now.  We then went back to the fields to move the sheep and lambs back into the top of third which was supposed to be the hay field for this year but it has a lot of thistles and docks in it - they need tackling later.  This means we have made the, possibly daft, decision to use second for hay, hoping it grows in time (Tractor Boy was a bit dubious about this!).  Time will tell!

When we arrived back home I expected the alpacas all to be leaping around in the lush grass of their new paddock but, no, they were all in a big group by the gate waiting to go back into their old bald paddock!

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  1. LOL, what is in their old, bald paddock that they want to return to? Your soggy 'pacas look like my soggy 'pacas :) Lisa