Thursday, 10 April 2014

Just pictures

These are the slugs, Judi - Grace's lambs - one of whom is scared of Grace!
Grace had ringwomb and the lambs had to come out by ropes after a lot of easing and stretching..  Grace ended up in a bad way and could not stand so I had to bottle feed the lambs and then take one away for the night but she is now improving dramatically and loves her lambs despite one running away from her!
A ewe with a lamb - but she hasn't lambed yet!

Stumpy's smallest  lamb at a day old and very dopey.

And this is wild scottie- who is not so wild now - with her little lamb lying down and the huge one who got stuck and had to be pulled out about to drink - not even a day old yet!

56 lambs so far and only about 8 to go!

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  1. Thank you for those photos Rosemary. I had visions of you rescuing cold slugs between lambing!